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A client focused approach

Creating Content for Ireland’s Largest Dog Welfare Charity

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Business type –  Charitable Organisation

Location – Ireland and UK

Website type – Animal Welfare

Service provided:

  • Brainstorming and storyboarding
  • Video content

Quick Summary of results

  • Content featured on RTE Six One News
  • Over 360,000 views

A Complete Success

The Dogs Trust Education team required an engaging animation to demonstrate the fairly complicated concept of trigger stacking, as well as sharing general tips on staying safe around dogs.

Ian worked through the script with us and checked in throughout each stage of the process to ensure we were happy with the direction. The animation was a complete success and helped us secure substantial media coverage for our campaign, which included (among others) a slot on RTE news.

Paul Cleary
Senior Education Officer
Dogs Trust

Creating Content for Ireland’s Largest Dog Welfare Charity

At Optima Digital, we love what we do. However, in some cases your work can be even more enjoyable than usual.

We’re dog lovers, so when the opportunity arose to work alongside Dogs Trust we were more than happy to accept.

We first worked alongside Dogs Trust back in 2021. Thankfully, they were so pleased with our work they approached us again looking for some new content to be created.

The Brief

The client came to us looking to create a piece of content that would help promote ‘Be Dog Safe Week’. They wanted to educate people on how to be safe around dogs whether it be at home or out and about.

For an educational piece, the best way is often to create a video. Although time-consuming, videos are a great way of getting engagement. They are also a great tool for anything educational.

Dog bites are a huge issue. Over 320 were hospitalised in 2020 as a result of a dog bite.

The aim was to increase awareness and educate people on how to interact with dogs.

Optima’s Objective

Our objective was simple. Educate viewers on how to best behave around dogs but also on important signs to look out for.

The theme of the video was ‘trigger stacking’. This concept touches on how dogs rarely act ‘out of the blue’ and it’s often a build-up of several events.

Dogs often display certain behaviours when they are feeling stressed.

It was important that anyone who watched this video would be aware of signs to look out for and when to recognise a dog may need space.

How we achieved it

With a sensitive and important message such as ‘trigger stacking,’ simplicity is key.

We worked alongside the team in Dogs Trust to understand ‘trigger stacking’ and how we can best convey it through video.

After spending time working through storyboards, and scripts and assessing potential actors for audio, we were ready to begin creating the animation.

Animation has a universal appeal. This meant we could cover a wide base and easily get our key message across.

It allowed us to educate the viewer as they navigated through the video.

Once the video was complete, we added the audio, subtitles and music.

Dogs Trust then had a piece of video content they could use to educate the public for ‘Be Dog Safe Week’.

The Results

It’s fair to say that the results were amazing. The most important thing for us is that the client is happy.

Once that box is checked, everything else is a bonus.

Although the result of this blew us all away.

Our content was picked up on prime-time RTE News.

It also featured heavily across Dogs Trust social media channels and got a huge amount of engagement.

It was an extremely successful campaign and a satisfying result for the client and the team here at Optima Digital.

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Some of our clients

Want these results

for YOUR business?

Our team will review your online strategies and send you a FREE 10-minute video with actions.

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