5 Ways to Increase Your Revenue Using Digital Marketing

Ian Kennedy - Optima Digital
Co-Founder Ian Kennedy
Ian Kennedy - Optima Digital
Co-Founder Ian Kennedy

Companies that blog receive 55% more web traffic than those that do not. 78% of consumers state they research a product/service online before purchasing. Therefore, digital marketing is more important than ever before if you are looking to increase your revenue.

As consumers become more comfortable online than ever before, it is important you have a strong online presence.

Whatever industry you are operating in, there will be certain digital marketing tools that can be utilized. Plus, you can almost guarantee your competition is using them to gain an advantage.

If you were offered information on how your ideal customer behaves would you take it? I think most of us would.

Digital marketing has the power to offer these insights if implemented correctly.

Below are 5 ways you can increase your revenue through different digital marketing techniques.

1.Define a Target Audience.

Firstly, identify your target audience. Once identified, you can begin to build a strategy.

We all have specific habits and preferences ingrained in us. Even if we are oblivious to them a lot of the time.

You can collect data by conducting focus groups, surveys and perhaps asking friends and family if they fit your demographic.

The first step in implementing your digital marketing strategy is creating a buyer persona. The more in-depth you go while designing your ideal customer persona the better. For example, it could be the following:

–          Name – Brian

–          Age – 44

–          Status – Married with 3 kids

–          Education – Undergraduate

–          Job – General Manager

–          Values – Family, work-life balance, excelling at his job.

–          Frustrations – Career progression, politics.

–          Interests – Anything tech-related. Golf and GAA.

Creating and delving into a buyer persona will give your digital marketing strategy direction. This persona will help you with elements such as:

–          Gaining a better understanding of your ideal customer.

–          Understanding what tone of voice to use.

–          Increasing the effectiveness of your marketing.

–          Targeting customers on the most relevant platforms/channels.

Once the persona is identified you can work on using a combination of the above elements to ensure you maximise your budget. Furthermore, you should increase your chance of sales.

2. Optimise Your Website Based on SEO

1. Mobile Friendly

Is your website fully optimised for mobile devices? We spend 70% of our internet time on mobile. Google knows this and has stated their web crawlers have shifted to ‘mobile-first index’.

This means Google’s crawlers read your mobile site first. If you have not optimised already it is time to make a move.

2. Yoast Plug-In

3. Dead & Re-Direct Links

3.Content, Content, Content...

It can be easy to get caught up in technical SEO jargon. We enjoy it more than most but there is also a time when it is important to cover the basics.

If you want to increase your revenue through digital marketing, content is an excellent way to achieve it. Not only will it make search engines look at your website more favorably, it allows you to connect with customers (or potential customers).

There are billions of pages on the internet, and it is Google’s job to find the most relevant page and display it to the searcher. Therefore, creating informational, unique content will put you ahead of the competition.

We are exposed to thousands of ads every day. Make your content easy to digest and useful for your customers. This will also increase the chances of them sharing with friends and family.

Infographics are a great way of showcasing your brand. 65% of businesses now spend at least 10% of their budget on visual content.

Increase revenue using digital marketing

4.Website Layout

88% of consumers say they would not return to a website following a bad experience.

Therefore, your website can have a huge impact on your business. Why put in the blood, sweat, and tears building your business only for your website to let you down.

Think of your website as a shopfront that should showcase your skills and expertise. Keep your website simple and easy to navigate for users.

An efficient website is one of the best ways digital marketing can increase your revenue.

Do not put any unnecessary roadblocks in their way. Sometimes less is more when it comes to web design.

On the technical side, watch out for the following:

Site speed

Image quality


5.Measure and Analyse

“You can have data without information, but you cannot have information without data”.

We like to use data as much as possible. Measuring consumer behaviours can be one of the most effective way of growing your business can increasing revenue.

Admittedly, it comes with some trial and error. However, once you get dialed in it can produce results.

Whether it be your social channels or website, you should be measuring performance. Three free tools you use to track and analyse performance are:

Google Analytics

Google Search Console

Facebook Pixel


There are several ways you can use digital marketing techniques to grow your revenue. They are more relevant now than ever as we become more tech orientated. Do not get bogged down in technical jargon. Start by implementing the five techniques above.

If you want professional help or would like to chat to see if we are the right fit feel free to contact us. We only work with businesses where we feel we can add value. A phone call costs nothing, and we would be glad to help.

We would love to help grow your business.

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